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YouTube Advertising – Basic Pack

Monthly Budget:
4 750 BGN w/o VAT *


Estimated performance:
120 000 views of the Video Ad
100 000 unique users, watched the Video Ad

The package is intended for advertisers aiming to gain additional coverage for their advertising messages or to launch and promote their products by the means of video or TV spot.
Advertising on YouTube can effectively complement TV Campaigns in order to reach additional audiences (light TV viewers) on a competitive price.
If TV advertising looks beyond reach in terms of levels of investment, then YouTube advertising is a good chance products or services to be promoted in an attractive way within limited budget.
Advertisers pay only for every viewing of video ads, whereas the clicks to website/YouTube channel and the impressions are FREE.
Advertisers also can take advantage of a FREE companion banner 300x60 when using TrueView In-Stream format.

TrueView In-Stream: Video Ad before a video and an optional companion banner
TrueView In-Display: Video Ad on YouTube Search Pages
TrueView In-Display: Video Ad on YouTube Watch Pages

YouTube Ad Formats

* Budget includes 750 BGN w/o VAT for
campaign management, which covers:

AdWords Account set-up (if not available)
YouTube Channel set-up (if not available)
Linking Google AdWords account with YouTube channel
Campaign set-up
Keywords lists
Targeting based on interests, topics, manually selected channels and videos, keywords, demographics and geography.
Daily monitoring and optimization of the campaign
Campaign Post Analysis

NB! The budget does not include production of video content!

YouTube Advertising – Basic Pack
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