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Facebook – Page Communication Pack

Monthly Budget:
1 240 BGN w/o VAT *


Estimated performance:
800 Page Likes
1 500 Post Engagements

The package offer is for advertisers who want to develop and promote their Facebook page as a communication channel and to engage their fans in the communication (with their brand/products/services). The ads and promoted posts lead to advertiser’s Facebook Page.

Formats and specifications:
Ads for Page Likes in Right Column (3 creatives)
Ads for Page Likes in News Feed (3 creatives)
Demographic targeting (age and gender)
Geographic targeting
20 posts with relevant content (including 4 Promoted Posts)

Facebook Formats- Ad in Right Column, Ad in NewsFeed, Promoted Post

*Budget includes:

  • 200 BGN w/o VAT for FB campaign management, which covers:

Campaign set-up
Set-up of 4 promoted posts
Production of up to 3 ads for Page Likes
Weekly campaign monitoring and optimization
Campaign post analysis

  • 400 BGN w/o VAT for Facebook page communication, which covers:

Proposal for appropriate topics regarding the products and target audience
Creation of a posting plan with texts and visuals of 20 posts (4 of them are to be promoted)
Active communication with Fans (posts, comments, answers to questions)
Activity post analysis

Facebook – Page Communication Pack
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