TOP 10 websites in Bulgaria in April 2014 (23.05.2014)

Our clients often ask us which are the TOP visited websites in Bulgaria. Here is a summary picture based on GemiusAudience data (for April 2014) - Gemius is a data provider of online audiences in Bulgaria.

There are 2 websites with over 1,5 mio real users on a monthly base  - and, Both sites are owned by Darik Net. In April 2014 has 1 740 130 real users and about 40% coverage of the online audience in Bulgaria, aged 15+. Respectively the website for video sharing has 1,6 mio real users and covers about 37% of the online users in Bulgaria, aged 15+.

The 3-rd place is held by the website for publishing offers free of charge ( with a bit more that 1 mio users in April 2014. The firt time when the website goes beyond the point of 1 mio users was in October 2013. The growth is also due to the high investments in TV and OOH Advertising of

The 4-th place is held by, which similarly to (7-th) uses torrent sites in order to reach wide audience.

5-th and 8-th are women websites – &

6-th place in the chart is taken by the veteran on the Bulgarian online market - the web portal with 917 000 real users. In January 2014 is 4-th with over 1 mio users, base on gemiusAudience.

In April 9-th place is taken by the website for secondhand cars and automobiles -, which is followed by the pharmaceutical site