How popular is Google as a search engine in Bulgaria and other markets? (04.06.2014)

The graph represents a ranking of Google as a search engine, from which internet users reach each country sites when connecting from the corresponding country. According to gemiusTraffic, the ranking is created on the basis of the website-averaged percentage share of visits , begun by entering gemiusTraffic participating websites via search engines. Find more about the methodology of the survey at

ranking of Google as a search engine

Google is an absolute leader in the majority of markets, participating in gemiusTraffic survey with over 90% average share of visits to each country’s websites coming from it.

The biggest exception is Russia, where the local search engine Yandex (67.72%) is the actual leading search engine, followed by Google (29.52%).

The highest volume of the Estonian traffic to local websites also comes from Google (88%), while 5% come from NETI and 2% from Yandex and the rest is distributed among other minor players.
Other countries with Russian speaking populations like Moldova and Ukrine also show relatively lower usage of Google .