YouTube Analytics (09.12.2014)

For the optimization of every advertising campaign it is really important to analyze the results from previous advertising activities. For YouTube advertising we can use a tool for analysis and statistics called YouTube Analytics. It is an integrated interface in every YouTube channel that gives useful information about the users’ activities and the quality of the channel.

Similar to the other tool for analysis and statistics – Google Analytics by which we can reach statistic data about what users do when they visit a  website, by using YouTube Analytics we can receive detailed and systematized information about what people watch, like, comment on and etc. in our YouTube channel.

As mentioned before this tool is integrated  in every YouTube channel. We can reach it from the “Analytics” menu on the left hand side in the profile’s interface. After opening the main “Analytics” category there are many subcategories for the different statistics that we can view and analyze.

YouTube Analytics

Basically we can separate several main groups of YouTube Analytics statistics that we can observe and analyze:

  • Information about the channel’s content – we can see which videos are most watched, which are most liked by the users, which have highest engagement rate. By this group of statistics we can also understand  which videos have been stopped by the users before the end of the video.
  • Demographics of the audience – gender, age and location of channel’s visitors.
  • Information about the traffic sources – we can see what devices do the visitors use, where (website or app) the visitors come from, how much time they spend on the YouTube channel and what do they watch.

As a conclusion we can say that the creation of great looking YouTube channel with qualitative and interesting content is key factor for the success not only for the channel itself but also for the video advertising campaigns. We will talk about the YouTube channel components in the next article.