YouTube advertising in Bulgaria (06.08.2014)

Advertising on YouTube is available for the Bulgarian market since end of March 2014, when YouTube.BG was launched.

Management of YouTube advertising is possible in two ways globally – on Reservation Basis and trough AdWords auction. The reservation basis, which allows a wide spectrum of formats (incl. non-standard) is still not available for Bulgaria. That’s why we are going to focus on managing YouTube campaigns through AdWords and all the information below will only be concerning this method.

 Ad formats in YouTube are called TrueView. At present TrueView formats are divided in two types – TrueView In-Stream and TrueView In-Display.

  • TrueView In-Stream:

In-Stream is  the main and most commonly used format on YouTube in Bulgaria. The Video Ad starts automatically before the video the user has decided to watch.  Unlike the Pre-Roll formats, where users are obliged to watch the full ad before the chosen video, the biggest advantage from a users’ point of view is that the Video Ad can be skipped after 5 seconds. Users are not obliged to watch the full Video Ads, which leads to better user experience.

Having in mind this from an advertiser’s perspective this format is also very effective – the advertiser is charged only when a user watches the full Video Ad. In case the Video Ad is longer than 30 seconds, then the advertiser is charged when 30 seconds of the ad are watched.

In-Stream preview

As we are talking about online advertising, TrueView In-Stream format is no different than other online Ad formats – when a user clicks on the Video Ad while it is still running, the user is transferred to the advertiser’s website or YouTube channel.  What is more, these clicks are free of charge.  In addition to the Video Ad, advertisers have the opportunity to place a Companion Banner sized 300 x 60 (in the upper right corner), which remains active even when the Video Ad is skipped or played till the end and the user now watches the chosen video on YouTube.

All clicks, whether they are coming from the Video Ad or the Companion Banner, are free of charge for the advertiser. Advertisers are charged only based on Video Ads views. This pricing model is called Cost per View (CPV).

  • TrueView In-Display:

In-Display formats give advertisers the opportunity to appear on YouTube in Search Results (below the search bar), in Suggested Videos (in the right column on a Video Watch Page) and in websites on Google Display Network, which have allowed showing of video ads. In every case the In-Display Video Ads are clearly marked as “Advertisement” – with a yellow background, “Ad” icon or any other way, depending on  the web browser.

In-Display preview

The pricing model is again CPV, but in this case we have to make it clear that the charge comes at the moment a user clicks on the Video Ad. In this case the Ads are initially static and a user has to solely decide to watch the Video Ad and click on it to watch it.

As in all AdWords campaigns, there is a really wide spectrum of targeting opportunities of YouTube campaigns – demographic (e.g. gender and age), geographic, by topics of videos and YouTube channels, by interests (e.g. cookies watching videos), manual selection of videos / YouTube channels / websites on GDN, keywords targeting and remarketing.

There are interesting interactive solutions for YouTube advertising for which we are going to talk about in our next publications.