Targeting options in CPM campaigns (11.11.2014)

For advertising campaigns with buying model based on CPM (Impressions) planning (a.k.a CPM campaigns) different targeting options are very important for achieving higher campaign effectiveness. The precise targeting of the advertising message must be defined preliminary for every campaign, all together with the basic parameters such as rotation, clicks and CTR%.

There are several main options by which we can target ads and reach the right audience:

  • geographic targeting – by using this type of targeting we can define where will our ads appear based on users’ location. We can choose specific locations or exclude such.
  • demographic targeting – with this option we can define the exact age and gender of the audience that we want to reach with our advertising campaign.
  • targeting by day parts – we can define the hours of the day when our ads will show. This targeting option is excellent choice when we are advertising different promotions for limited time only.
  • targeting by days of the week – by using this option we can define if we want the ads to be shown during working days (Monday to Friday) or during weekends,
  • targeting by user interests – we can choose specific website sections or pages which are most relevant to the interests of our target audience.

Targeting options in CPM campaigns

These are the main targeting options which are offered by most of the websites. We can say that the right targeting of the advertising campaign is a key factor for its success, as well as choosing the correct ad formats in CPM which we will write about in our next article.