Specific features of Corporate Fan Pages in Facebook (07.08.2014)

Corporate Fan Pages are part of the different types of profiles and pages in Facebook, which are created by brands and companies according to their goals and needs. First a user has to register a Personal Profile (if he/she still does not have one) and then to be able to create and manage Facebook pages and groups with it.

When we talk about online presence of a company in Facebook, we have to focus on Corporate Fan Pages. While the Personal Profiles can be used only for non-commercial  communication and goals, a Corporate Fan Page is created to give more information about the company – its business activity, contact information, links to the website etc. These pages can be promoted by using Facebook’s Advertising platform.

The main purpose of a Corporate Fan Page is to give the company the opportunity to communicate with its clients and people who like the page in an interactive way. By using the Fan Page features, the company can inform its audience about new products, present promotions, upcoming events etc., as well as to receive useful and honest feedback from the fans. The Fan Page’s content is always public and can be seen by every Facebook user.

In contrast to the connection between Personal Profiles where both sides have to accept the friendship, every user can become a fan of the Corporate Fan Page by “Liking” it and start receiving posts from this page in his News Feed. Users don’t need an approval by the Page in order to become fans – they can “like” or “unlike” it at any time. The only restriction that the Page can make is about the types of posts that can be posted on its Timeline.

For successful online presence of every company or brand the proper management of the Fan Page is really important. Therefore if the company does not have the right people to do that job, it can turn to the  services of a professional agency, which can develop a detailed strategy for the company’s social media appearance.

 Every company can use different types of Facebook Ad Formats to achieve a higher level of awareness and generate new fans for its Fan Page.