YouTube Analytics YouTube Analytics
For the optimization of every advertising campaign it is really important to analyze the results from previous advertising activities. For YouTube advertising we can use a tool for analysis and statistics called YouTube Analytics. It is an
Facebook ads targeting options Facebook ads targeting options
In Facebook there are many options for precise targeting and by combining them we can increase the effectiveness of the campaign. For successful advertising it is important to choose the right ad formats and to target the ads precisely in order
SEO off-site factors SEO off-site factors
Except the on-site elements that have influence of the SEO process, there are many off-site factors which we can modify in order to achieve better website positioning in search results. It is important to mention that in contrast to the
Targeting options in CPM campaigns Targeting options in CPM campaigns
For advertising campaigns with buying model based on CPM (Impressions) planning (a.k.a CPM campaigns) different targeting options are very important for achieving higher campaign effectiveness. The precise targeting of the advertising message
Google Display Network Google Display Network
The Display Network is also a key part of Google Network along with Google Search Network for which we have already talked about. The Display Network is a dynamic group of websites, mobile sites and mobile apps in which we can advertise by using
Interactive solutions in YouTube advertising Interactive solutions in YouTube advertising
Every advertising campaign in the YouTube platform can contain multiple interactive elements which are used in addition to the video clip. They can redirect users to the advertiser’s website, focus viewers’ attention to particular
Ad Formats in Facebook Ad Formats in Facebook
The different ad formats in Facebook can be defined by two criteria – placement on Facebook (where will the ads appear) and goals (what do we want to achieve with our ad message). No matter if you manage a corporate fan page or other type
SEO on-site elements SEO on-site elements
There are several key elements of every website which we have to observe and modify during the SEO process. These elements have to be optimized on every webpage until it becomes understandable and easy-to-read not only for users but for robots,
Google Search Network Google Search Network
The Search Network is one of the main communication channels connected with the Google AdWords advertising platform. Depending on the campaign goals, advertisers can choose whether to advertise on Google Search or Google Display Network. For
Specific features of Corporate Fan Pages in Facebook Specific features of Corporate Fan Pages in Facebook
Corporate Fan Pages are part of the different types of profiles and pages in Facebook, which are created by brands and companies according to their goals and needs. First a user has to register a Personal Profile (if he/she still does not have