Interactive solutions in YouTube advertising (29.10.2014)

Every advertising campaign in the YouTube platform can contain multiple interactive elements which are used in addition to the video clip. They can redirect users to the advertiser’s website, focus viewers’ attention to particular advertising element of the video or can help users to watch a full video story (in more than one video).

Regardless of the specific formats that we have chosen for the advertising in YouTube, there are many options by which we can make the advertising message more engaging, interesting and tempting for the users.

A first group of interactive elements in YouTube advertising are elements which redirect users to the advertisers’ websites. Usually they contain additional text that inform users about advertiser’s business and website url. These elements appear in the bottom of the video clip. Except text annotation, in this group we can put flash overlays too. They appear in the beginning of targeted videos (10 seconds after the video starts) and can be standard horizontal flash banners.

Interactive elements in YouTube advertising - website

A second group of interactive elements are these that focus users’ attention to the particular component of the video clip. This group of elements is perfect for products advertising because by using these external annotations we can let viewers pay attention to specific product or redirect them to relevant landing page that contains information about this specific product.

Interactive elements in YouTube advertising - products

The last group of interactive elements in YouTube advertising contains elements that help video story telling. A good example for this kind of elements is video clips in the end of which users can solely choose what will happen next in the story (by choosing to click on one video link or another).

Interactive elements in YouTube advertising - storytelling

As a conclusion we can say that the YouTube advertising can be connected not only with video sharing but it can become highly effective and helpful for achieving advertiser’s goals. But this can happen only if the advertising campaign is managed carefully with good understanding of the specific features of this platform. One of these features that can measure the campaign’s effectiveness and the achieved results is the YouTube Analytics for which we will talk about in the next publication.