Google Search Network (16.09.2014)

The Search Network is one of the main communication channels connected with the Google AdWords advertising platform. Depending on the campaign goals, advertisers can choose whether to advertise on Google Search or Google Display Network.

For online users, Google Search Network is mainly associated with the Search Engine Google in which the user writes a search query and receives lists of results (websites). To be able to give the customers most relevant results, the Search Engine’s robots are constantly crawling countless number of websites and indexing their content. Additionally Google keep improving their ranking algorithms based on multiple criteria such as site quality, relevance between context and query etc.

Other Google platforms such as Google Maps, Google Images, Google+, etc. are also very important for the final order of search results. All these platforms help the Search Engine to gain more useful information about the websites.

Along with organic search results, when a user writes a search query, he also sees paid results – text ads which are targeted by different keywords, relevant to the search therm. The paid results appear on top, on the right side and at the bottom of the organic results list.

Google Search Results

The Ads in Google Search are called “paid results” because they are using the CPC (Cost-Per-Click) pricing model in which the advertiser pays only when a user clicks on his ad.

The main advantage of using Google Search ads is that they are very effective, because they appear only when a user enters a relevant search query. The ads appear to the right person at the right moment, when he / she searches for information online.

Other way for reaching the right online customers, appart from using the Google Search Network, is by advertising on Google Display Network which will be the topic of our next publication.