Google Display Network (04.11.2014)

The Display Network is also a key part of Google Network along with Google Search Network for which we have already talked about. The Display Network is a dynamic group of websites, mobile sites and mobile apps in which we can advertise by using Google AdWords. The Network includes websites that are owned by Google and websites that are owned by Google Partners.

The Google Display Network reaches about 90% of the online users worldwide and include more than 2 million websites (source: ComScore 2013). In Bulgaria websites from GDN reach about 80% of the online audience in the country.

Google Display Network - reach and websites

Many of the Bulgarian websites, that sell their top banner positions for Premium CPM (Cost-Per-Mille) are also Google Partners and are part of GDN which means that they have banner space for AdWords ads and that the advertiser can show his ads in these websites by using the CPC (Cost-Per-Click) model of payment.

One of the biggest advantages of using GDN is its huge reach and the variety of banner formats (different flash and HTML5 banners and text ads) that can be used in the Network. By using the GDN platform we can reach potential customers at a very competitive price.

Other big advantage of the Google Display Network are the options for ad targeting that help advertisers to reach their main target group very precisely by combining multiple criteria.

The ability to optimize campaigns continuously is also a big argument for using GDN in the online advertising campaigns. In contrast to CPM campaigns the Google AdWords platform is far more flexible and campaigns can be optimized by multiple criteria (targeting, ads, texts, placements, etc.) in real time while it is running. Reports in AdWords show campaigns’ results almost in real time, so we can change a campaign’s component immediately and by that to improve the campaign final results.

The payment model in GDN is also flexible. We can choose between CPM, CPC or CPA (Cost-Per-Action) model of payment according to our goals and budget.

The advertising in Google Search and in Google Display Network is fast and effective way to reach new users and potential customers. It is very important to keep in mind that for reaching the right audience and achieving the campaign’s goals, campaigns must contain the right GDN ad formats, targeted by the correct targeting options. We will cover these two topics in our next articles.