Facebook ads targeting options (27.11.2014)

In Facebook there are many options for precise targeting and by combining them we can increase the effectiveness of the campaign. For successful advertising it is important to choose the right ad formats and to target the ads precisely in order to reach the right users.

One of the biggest advantages in Facebook advertising is that every user in the social network has a registered personal profile. Based on the provided information by the user Facebook can easily classify this user in different categories (location, gender, age and etc.). These are basic targeting options that have to be considered when setting up a campaign. With the Location option we can specify particular country, region or city. We can also define age and gender of the users that we want the ads to be shown to. In addition to these basic options we can target the ads by choosing the users educational degree, job and working field, religion and marital status.

Facebook ads targeting options

Besides the socio-demographic targeting, in Facebook we can narrow the target audience by the users’ interests, as well. In this category we can include not only the option to target users that are connected (or not connected) to a specific Facebook fan page, but also the option to choose particular topics that our potential users are interested in (topics can be different sports, cooking, fashion and etc.). It is important to say that the information about users’ interests is gathered not only by what the users have filled in their profile, but also by Facebook’s algorithms that record and analyze users’ behavior to define what products, services and causes are and can be interesting for a particular user.

For better campaign effectiveness it is important not only to choose the right ad formats and specific targeting options, but to set the right campaign goals as well. For this topic we will write in our next publication.