Ad Formats in Facebook (21.10.2014)

The different ad formats in Facebook can be defined by two criteria – placement on Facebook (where will the ads appear) and goals (what do we want to achieve with our ad message). No matter if you manage a corporate fan page or other type of Facebook profiles, the ads can help you gain visibility and awareness of your business. They can also help advertisers promote their content and achieve more page likes and fans.

According to ad placements, we can separate two main groups – ads that appear in users’ news feed (News Feed Ads) and ads that appear on the right hand side of the content (Right Column Ads). These two formats have similar components:

- title (maximum 25 characters)

-  ad text (maximum 90 characters)

- image (different sizes depending on what goals we want to achieve, but with equal Facebook image restrictions)

Facebook Ad Formats

According to ads’ goals they should work towards achieving:

  • Clicks on a website;
  • Likes on a Facebook page;
  • App installs;
  • Page Post engagements;
  • Events promotion;
  • Video content viewership;

Facebook uses different optimization strategy for each of these goals so that the ads can achieve best results for the lowest possible cost per action.

We must say that it is really important for the campaign’s success not only to define the right advertising goal, but to be well aware of the specific Ads targeting options in Facebook, which will be described in the next publications.