Targeting options in CPM campaigns Targeting options in CPM campaigns
For advertising campaigns with buying model based on CPM (Impressions) planning (a.k.a CPM campaigns) different targeting options are very important for achieving higher campaign effectiveness. The precise targeting of the advertising message
Rotation, Clicks and CTR% in CPM Planning CPM Rotation, Click, CTR%
Different websites have different amount of visits and we have to keep this in mind when working on a media plan. Popular websites, build for and used by the large audience, generate a huge amount of Impressions on a daily base. is a
What is CPM online (Impressions) planning? CPM Introduction
You have probably heard the term CPM a number of times. It is an abbreviation of Cost Per Mille – “mille” is a Latin word, meaning “thousand”. In direct translation CPM means “Cost Per Thousand”. In order