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Master class for digital marketing of IAB Bulgaria (24.02.2016)

IAB Bulgaria’s Digital Masterclass will be held between 27th of February and 27th of March 2016 and it will be held on several consecutive weekends. The course consists of eight moduls  - introduction in digital marketing, display advertising, SEM , SEO , social media , mobile marketing, web content and data analysis.

The strength of the digital masterclass is owed to the fact that besides the theoretical knowledge, the participants will learn practical skills and also will meet leading experts with long-term experience in the field i. e. their lecturers.

In the first lecture of the program,  the students will meet Alexander Toshkov, managing director of Digital Connection with his presentation on the subject “Digital landscape overview, types of online advertising and digital strategy development”. In his lecture Alexander will focus on three key elements:

·         The advertising market in Bulgaria, Internet consumption, advertisers, internet media

·         Online advertising platforms, payment models and targeting

·         Development and realization of digital strategies, target audience analysis and online platform selection

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